Everybody Knows Somebody

Hi friends, happy middle of the week! It is an awfully gloomy day in these parts and my attitude seems to be mimicking the weather so I am trying to channel sunshine and pretend I am on a warm sunny beach!

As some of you may know this week is NEDA, National Eating Disorder Awareness week.
The theme for this year is “everybody knows somebody.” I wanted to take the time out to highlight this theme because I think it is a rather important one.

If you are unfamiliar with my history you can read more about my story here because I am only going to vaguely touch it now.

When I was in the heart of my obsession with exercising and only sort of eating I thought I was alone. I thought nobody understood how I felt about myself. I thought people would think it was stupid. The irrational thoughts that went through my head on a daily basis wouldn’t make sense to them, they didn’t always make sense to me.

In college I had a short stint of seeing the on campus therapist. But I didn’t feel like she understood me and to be honest with you I wasn’t ready to accept what I had done to myself.

It wasn’t until I met Teresa that I really opened up about my past. She had struggled with an eating disorder way more extreme then I had but for once in my life I had found someone who understood me.

It wasn’t until I joined the healthy living blog-sphere that I really realized I AM NOT ALONE. There are so many people who understand me and who have been exactly where I have been. People who know exactly what you need to hear at a moment of weakness because its exactly what they would need to hear.

Moral of the story everybody knows somebody who has had an eating disorder or who is going through one. It is important to be a strong support to them and help guide them in the right direction.

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