Tour de Glastonbury

I am so glad you all got such a kick out of our couples yoga experience! We definitely enjoyed it but definitely got a good laugh out of the whole experience too!

After yoga we changed into more appropriate dinner and drinks attire!

Our first stop was Rooftop 120.

If any of you read Cait’s blog on the regular you know that this is a favorite place of hers and that the bar tender Andres knows how to make a drink!

I got a drink they like to call The Skinny Glastonbury Girl which had Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka, white cran, lime. Cait got a Andres creation using the Hanger one Mandarin Blossom vodka she wanted to try!


Post yoga made is pretty hungry but we didn’t want to eat dinner at Rooftop seeing that Cait ate their the night before and she wanted to show me other places. We opted for an appetizer I had been eying ever since Cait showed me the menu to Rooftop. We got the East Meets West Tartar (ahi tuna, sweet chili vinaigrette, shallots, scallions, Alaskan King salmon, salsa verde, cilantro). It was amazing! we both agreed to being bigger fans of the salmon (the one on the left) because of the flavor it had.


After clearing our plates and finishing our drinks we headed over to Pond House. Cait had a SaveNowCT deal that was burning a hole in her pocket. I started things off with a nice glass of Cab!

Of course any restaurant that serves you warm bread with olive oil and balsamic is a win in my book! Especially when it is served in this cute colander!

Before arriving the the restaurant I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to order thanks to Cait sending me the menu earlier in the week. On the way over we talked about ordering 2 different things to share but once we both looked at the menu we both declared that we wouldn’t want to share the salmon and both got the same thing.

Crispy baked salmon with apple parsnip mash, braised kale, and vanilla apricot sugo. We both wished our piece of fish was bigger and we had gotten more salmon. I wasn’t a huge fan of the apricot sugo but thought it went well with the salmon.

After dinner we both got another drink, more wine for me some port for Cait. Cait happened to know the bartender and after chatting for a while he offered us a sample of his signature cocktail on the restaurants menu. The presentation was beautiful but after one sip we couldn’t drink another, it was far to sweet for our liking!
strawberry drinks

After finishing up our evening we headed home and promptly crashed for the evening!

We awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed and headed to Cait’s home away from home Day Break Coffee Roasters. The coffee was amazing!

I of course couldn’t leave without bringing some coffee home with me and picked up some Mocha Butter Crunch and Snickerdoodle! I have yet to try the Snickerdoodle but can assure you the Mocha Butter Crunch was a excellent choice!

After our coffee we explored Glastonbury and its Whole Foods until saying our goodbyes!

Luckily we have plans in March for Cait to visit me!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or coffee shop that you frequent often?

Did you go out to dinner this weekend? What did you have?

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