Brunch at Dish

It is amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do for your body! I am going to say the culprit of yesterday’s sour mood was being tired. I got in bed around 8 last night and read for about an hour before turning the lights off at 9 and sleeping until my alarm went off this morning around 6! It was glorious, I wish I could sleep that much more often!

Anyways, a few weeks ago when my friends from college were visiting Jeff, Shannon and I decided to check out a brunch place within walking distance of our apartment we had been wanting to try.

Dish is located 2 blocks from out apartment. I cannot believe we had waited so long to get breakfast here.

Dish is a unique dining experience because the seating is family style. You order your food and beverages at the coffee counter and once you have paid for your meal your bring it to the kitchen which is located at the back of the dinning room.

You then find yourself a seat a giant table, with other people and their families. Once your food is ready they will bring it to you.

They keep the breakfast menu simple, which I like. Sometimes when you have so many options it becomes difficult to chose what you want. On that particular day the omelet of the day was tomato, mozzarella and pesto. I was sold on that.


The omelet was delicious! The pesto in it gave it a great flavor. Don’t let the toast fool you though. Ask Jeff or Shannon, I was ridiculously excited for the toast because I thought it would be one of those hearty, grainy whole wheat breads but sadly I was disappointed to find out it tasted like plain whole wheat bread. But I didn’t let that ruin my meal, the omelet was still good.

I ordered a soy milk cappuccino to sip on the side, which was wonderful.

Jeff and Shannon both when with egg and cheese sandwiches with sausage and bacon and were both pleased with our meals.

Dish is definitely a breakfast spot I would be happy to go back to. They also have a cute little cafe that I would love to spend some time blogging at on the weekends!

Have you ever been to a restaurant that had family style seating?

What is your favorite thing to order if you go out to breakfast?
I am usually an omelet and home fries person if I go out to breakfast.

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