Fire Engine Pizza Company

For years there has been a fire truck that sits on a main road in Bridgeport Connecticut pumping out pizza well into the night.

The truck sits in a prime spot for people who may have late night hunger after a night at one of the few local bars.

The owners of the fire engine pizza truck recently opened a restaurant that is within walking distance from where Jeff and I live. We have now tried Fire Engine Pizza Co. twice, and needless to say we are big fan.

The first time we visited the restaurant Jeff got a pepperoni pizza and I got the Shrimp Fagioli which was out of this world yummy!

Our waiter was very attentive and answered many of the questions about the menu I had.
They have a stocked bar, extensive wine list and some pretty delicious sounding signature cocktails.

The next time we got food from the Fire Engine Pizza Co. it was for take out over this past weekend.

Jeff ordered a steak tip appetizer and believe it or not this “I don’t eat meat” proclaiming woman tried it! The smell was to die for and made my mouth salivate, my body was telling me I needed to try this. I did and it was delicious, I ended up helping Jeff eat them! (don’t get too excited, I wouldn’t call myself a meat eater just yet)

We also ordered one of their signature pizza’s to share which was called the Mackenzie Rose. Which consisted of mozzarella, pesto, lightly sauced withe chicken and a drizzling of balsamic. It seriously was a delicious pizza, we could not stop eating it. The crust was nice and thin and the toppings were spread out perfectly on the pizza. Not too much cheese, sauce, pesto or balsamic.

They have an extensive menu with some very good looking signature pizza’s. Although the signature pizza’s seem a little pricey, I don’t doubt they are worth the price.

I am so glad the pizza truck became a restaurant because I probably never would have known how good their pizza really is.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Have you ever eaten food from a food truck? What kind and where was it?

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