Avocado Hummus

There are a few things in life that I declare, the best thing ever and then obsessively eat it and talk about it all the time over night oats, 16 handles, peanut butter, and who can forget my love for quinoa?

Things that I love that fall on the back burner, avocados, hummus. I mean honestly, how did we get through life without these things? Don’t answer that, I know their or haters out there, we’re just going to pretend you like them so we can all be friends.

Anyways, you all know how I found the Trader Joes Guacamole Hummus and feel in love. Naturally I needed to make my own.

Side note: avocados and chickpeas are soft right? Yes, I thought so. Someone please tell me why while processing these 2 things together my food processor started to over heat and I am pretty sure came close to setting on fire? I need a real food processor, not one of those dinky ones you put on top of your blender, clearly that’s not working out for me.


1 ripe avocado
1 can chick peas
salt to taste if desired

1.) In a food processor blend your avocado and chick peas together until you have established a creamy consistency. Feel free to make it chunky if you please. Try not to set anything on fire either

Open wide!

Do you like avocados?

Do you like hummus? What is your favorite kind?
Trader Joe’s has a 3 layer hummus that is my favorite and I also enjoy a roasted red pepper one they have.

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