Healthy French Onion Dip

Happy Thursday! I am thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow being Friday, this week has dragged! Anyone else ready for Friday?

So, here I go again making another recipe with Chobani! My stash of chobani is gone, so you wont have to hear about me incorporating it into recipes for a while. Or until I go grocery shopping this weekend and stock up again ;).

I made this dip for Christmas day, I think it went over pretty well with the family. I know my one aunt was dying over it! I know the holiday season is over but I am sure you could find some occasion to make it for :)

2 6 0z. containers of plain Chobani (or 1 16 oz container, I had the small guys on hand)
1 onion chopped thinly
8 french onion laughing cow cheese wedges
Onion powder to taste
Garlic powder to taste

1.) Chop and saute your onion on a pan over medium heat sprayed with cooking spray.
2.) Soften your cheese wedges in the microwave for 30 seconds
3.) Combine cheese wedges with yogurt. Add onions and flavor with onion powder and garlic powder to your liking.
*you can substitute the cheese wedges for the onion dip powder packages or use in addition*

Do you like french onion dip?

What is your favorite dip?
Spinach and artichoke dip, and guacamole of course! I could eat both plain with a spoon!

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