Robert Irvine Live

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend Robert Irvine Live and possibly get to have a sit down interview with Robert before the show!

The show was being shown at The Garde Arts Center which on a good day is about an hour and a half from where I live. The day of the show snow was predicted in the forecast. Being the naive people that we are Jeff and I still planned on attending the show. I did not want to miss my chance at interviewing Robert!

3 hours later we arrived at the show just 15 minutes shy of when I was supposed to interview Robert. Needless to say the snow and roads were bad, we were bummed we had ventured all that way to have the interview cancelled. (a phone interview will be taking place at the end of this week to make up for it).

After we sulked for a few minutes we got over it, there really was nothing we could have done. Everything happens for a reason, right!? So we took our seats and got ready to watch the show!


The show began and Robert came out and said his hello and quickly whipped up a meal on stage and a lucky member of the audience got to come up and sample the meal he made. He made sure to interact with the audience a lot. He loved to call his food sexy which I found to be rather funny.

There was a lot of audience involvement and plenty of people got the opportunity to go on stage and cook with Robert.

Robert made sure to keep things entertaining by coming into the audience (we were in balcony seats) and take a rope back down to the main level.


Throughout the show he was given several challenges. One of my favorites was his Chopped style challenge and 2 women from the audience came up and competed against Robert and his partner selected from the audience as well.

By far the best challenge was when he had a male member of the audience on stage and Robert had to be handcuffed to him from behind, so that Robert couldn’t really see what he was doing and the audience member had to be in control of both their hands. Needless to say lots of laughs were had by the audience and surprisingly no ones fingers were chopped off!

Robert made sure to make time for questions during the middle of the show to break things up. He also made it a point to stay after to sign autographs for the people that came out. After the long drive there Jeff and I anticipated a long drive home and didn’t stay and hang out.

Despite the hiccup at the beginning of the evening Jeff and I enjoyed ourselves and the show!


Have you ever been to a live cooking show? Would you want to go?

If you have any questions you would like me to ask Robert on Friday please let me know!

A big thanks to Mohegan Sun for inviting me to attend this event!

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