My experience with a Naturopathic Doctor

Hey there! Happy Wednesday! The holiday spirit has kicked into full gear today since we are having a little Holiday party at work and doing a white elephant gift exchange!

A few weeks ago I made an appointment to see a Naturopathic Doctor at the University of Bridgeport. I wanted to go see the doctor for two reason’s one to figure out why I had funky tummy issues so often and second being that I thought since I was about to be a Holistic Health Coach, I should probably see what it was all about!

My first appointment lasted 1 and 1/2 hours! They had told me in advance I should expect to be there for that long, it was the most thorough doctor’s appointment I had ever been to. Since it was at the University, I met with a student training to be a doctor. I had my session with the student who then went and talked to the Doctor about what was going on and then they both came back and we discussed the plan of action.

Long story short, I told the doctor all about these stomach aches I have had for years, so long I couldn’t even remember when they started. I said I pretty sure I did them to myself by way of responding to my anxiety or what I deem “stressful” situations. They sent me on my way with a pro-biotic and to get some blood work done.

I went back last Thursday to see what my results of the blood work said and what the plan of action was going to be. Turns out everything they tested for is normal, which is what I had assumed and they said they wanted to focus on helping me with my anxiety since they were positive that was the issue.

They sent me on my way with 3 things to try (my wallet wasn’t happy about this and I almost turned to the doctor and said, this scenario right here is giving me anxiety, but I didn’t)

Unda 9 and Unda 219 are liquid supplement (might I mention the worst tasting supplement on the planet, I am pretty sure it is a form of the worlds cheapest vodka) 7 drops taken twice a day.

Unda 9 is indicated for psychic debility, nervous exhaustion, prolonged mental strain and conflict, depression due to stress, neurasthenia and neurosis.

Unda 9 has a profound action on the nervous system. Depression is considered to be the first symptom of nervous system irregularities and is found in all modern pathologies due to stress and conflict.

Unda 219 is indicated for spasms, muscular contractions and irritation.
Unda 219 contains herbs known for their antispasmodic, sedative, tonifying, and normalizing effect on the nervous system. Crataegus normalizes the circulation of blood, diminishing nervous excitability.

Pantethine capsules taken twice a day
Pantethine: promotes metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides. It also supports the adrenal system and improves mental clarity

Basically the goal is by taking all 3 supplements together will help my digestive track and mental track align and work together rather then working against each other.

I hope it helps.

I enjoyed my experience at the Naturopathic Clinic because of how thorough they were, they wanted to know everything and really took the time to get to know me. I would recommend a naturopathic doctor to anyone.

Have you ever been to a Naturopathic Doctor?

Would you ever consider it?

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