How we met

Hey there! Happy Friday, you all know I am excited to celebrate my anniversary in the city with Jeff tonight!

Since we will be celebrating our one yr anniversary, I figured I would tell you how we met. The way we started dating was unromantic because I ruined it! How we met is more entertaining, trust me.

Long time readers know that we met the day after Thanksgiving last year. At my 5 yr high school reunion. Jeff and I went to the same high school for a year but our high school was so big that they had to cut our class in half and start another high school. Jeff went to that school. Fun fact, Jeff had a crush on me Freshmen yr of high school but was too shy to ever say anything!

So anyways, our high schools had separate reunions on the same night. My reunion happened to be at a bar within walking distance from his (now our) apartment. So he stumbled over to my reunion with a bunch of friends!

I happened to be a dancing machine that night, per usual after a few drinks and somehow bumped into Jeff on the dance floor and we started dancing together. I eventually shouted “we have the same last name,” he shouted back “I know.”(for those of your who don’t know, we have the same last name, with one letter difference and to make things even weirder he has the same first name as my dad. I know it’s weird and now you know why I was apprehensive to date him but beyond happy I got over that minor detail).

I am pretty sure that was all we said to each other the entire night, we left without exchanging numbers. I awoke with a friend request from him on facebook (what did people do before facebook?) and a few hours later a message from him. We conversed for a little and exchanged numbers with a potential date set up to grab a drink. We met for drinks at a local bar that ended up having trivia that night and we talked and laughed the entire time. Later in the week we got dinner and the rest is history.

(edit to add) We made this whole thing official August 31st 2014 when we got married!

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