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Before we get into today’s post I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words of support in yesterday’s post. Words cannot express how much they mean to me and I just want to give you all a big hug! It is not easy putting yourself out there for anyone to see and read, I am glad that the post was well received, that many of you could relate and felt empowered, that is what I wanted.

So this week I finished my studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition!I passed my last test and now patiently awaiting the arrival of my certificate!

You can read about why I set out to be a health coach here
A lot of people have asked me about it throughout the year so I thought I would highlight some of the things I liked and disliked about it.

For the first 6 months we had our own health coach. Someone who had gone through the program themselves and were working with clients. We spoke to them once a month for an hour. They asked us how everything was going, helped sort out any questions or concerns we may have had. I LOVED my coach, she was so nice, so supportive and always new the right thing to say. Our monthly phone calls always came at the time when I was doubting myself and wondering if I had spent my money wisely on this program! She always knew how to empower me.

The flexibility of the classes. I received an Ipad loaded up with all of the modules for the next year. I was able to listen at my desk at work.

The support, their is a facebook group to connect with people, they have a class list and you can find and email the ppl in your area. The discussion section on the website.

The classes, I feel like I learned SO much useful and important information. They also through in motivational seminars, which I found to be very helpful.

Study guides for tests

All of the marketing help! Seriously they make it so easy, they give you the brochure format, you add your name and little bio.

The tests, there were 4 test throughout the yr, every 10 modules we had a new test. They were 30 multiple choice questions that I swear were set out to trick you! Some answers were so similar it was a coin toss.

That our coaching sessions were only 6 months. After the last phone call with my coach, I was like ok now what? Who is going to answer my millions of questions and remind me that I Can do this? I suppose it is supposed to mimic the program that we will provide out clients but I felt lost for a little.

The tuition. I am not going to lie, it wasn’t cheap. They fortunately have a payment plan so I pay month to month and you can choose how much you pay but regardless it ain’t cheap!

Some of the classes were snore sessions, seriously I wanted to fall asleep! Luckily those was only a handful of those.

If you have any further questions about IIN, please feel free to leave a question below or email me at

Also I am an IIN ambassador and know all about the tuition discounts going on so if it is something you are interested in, let me know and I will tell you when they are having a deal. You can always call and sign up and give my name and you will get $500 off of your tuition!

Do you think you could take classes online?

I am a visual person, I never thought I could do it. I actually really enjoyed listening to the classes. It was nice to be able to pause and take notes, or go back to repeat what was just said

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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