Dear Body,

I am sorry for the way I have treated you in the past..

I am sorry for all of the horrible things I called you, like fat, ugly, gross

I am sorry for all those times I deprived you of what you really wanted

I am sorry for not taking rest days and working you past exhaustion

I am sorry for depriving you

I am sorry for not properly fueling you before and after a swim meet/practice

I am sorry for binge eating and making you feel full past comfort and gross from all I ate

I am sorry for the few times in high school when I took laxatives

and for the time I bought these weird appetite suppressing lollipops; they didn’t work anyways

I am sorry for getting too drunk in college because I hadn’t eaten enough that day

I am sorry for depending on artificial sweeteners to get me through the day

I am sorry for treating you so horribly

Thank you for never giving up on me

For carrying me through countless swim practices and swim meets

For forgiving me enough to let me recover

For getting me through 2 half marathons, the training that comes with it and hopefully more to come

For staying strong even though I felt weak

For allowing me to get up and out of bed every morning

For making me realize the importance of rest days

For making me see that if I properly fuel my body I will learn to love and appreciate what I have accomplished

For helping me appreciate me for me

What has your body done for you that you are thankful for?

*This post almost didn’t happen, simple because I didn’t want to hit publish (some of the things I have admitted above nobody knows about me). The post came to me while on a walk the other day. I was reflecting on how far I had come from just a few years ago and felt very proud of all of the positive things I could think about myself rather then coming up with all of the negative things. It was a very rare occurrence only about a yr ago that I could think of something nice to say about myself, although it isn’t always easy it is refreshing to have a positive outlook on myself and life. It took a lot of ups and downs to get to where I am mentally today. It is Not always easy and I DO NOT always have nice things to say about myself. I know that a few of my readers have struggled with eating disorders and overcoming them so I thought if I shared this it may challenge them to say something positive about themselves.*

p.s. if anyone ever wants to talk but feels uncomfortable leaving a comment below please feel free to email me at

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