Cravings and Guilt

Happy Tuesday people! Today is my Friday!! Teresa arrives tonight and we are off to Rochester NY tomorrow! This will be out first road trip with Brady, any tips and tricks for traveling with a dog would be much appreciated!

Today I want to talk about cravings and guilt, this week in my classes I listened to a module from Annemarie Colbin, this lady had me cracking up the entire class, she was informative, blunt, funny and new exactly what to say.

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Let’s start with guilt shall we.
Guilt: most of us feel this after we “over indulge” in something that we were craving. We often beat ourselves up over that piece of cake we ate or that extra few fries we had or those 4 cookies we housed in 2.5 seconds.

Annmarie says don’t feel guilty, call it research! Cravings give us information about how our bodies are doing and it is our job to figure out what the information is about i.e. why we are craving sugar, or a giant soft pretzel or buttery popcorn.

Cravings are caused by 3 things:
1.) addiction/ allergy– people don’t realize how addictive sugar is but if you are eating it everyday you are addicted to it. Try to stop eating sugar after eating it everyday, I guarantee that first day will be very difficult for most!
People crave things they can’t have anymore, you just found out your gluteen free and someone puts a pizza in front of your face, wouldn’t you start craving pizza?

2.) in balance– if you don’t eat enough food/calories your body craves sweets. If you are lacking protein and fat in your diet you will crave sweets. I have first hand experience with this one, while I was busy restricting everything in my diet I was thriving off of any sweet I could get my hands on.

3.) memory/emotion– this would be the stuff your mother gave you, the apple pie she made you when you did well on something. The cake she made you for your birthday, or when someone broke your heart for the first time. You are searching for that same feeling or memory it gave you when you had it the first time.

The point of this is to say you shouldn’t feel guilty for giving into cravings. Whether you give in or not you will learn something about your body. There is always new information for you to learn!

Remember your just doing research!

What do you think about this idea of doing research?

Do you give into your cravings?
I certainly do, I have found out the hard way if I didn’t give in I would binge later. So now I happily satisfy my cravings and feel more balances because I have done so!

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