Finz Seafood and Grill Review

Soo this post should have been written a while ago but somehow I totally forgot about it!

While in Salem Jeff and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, we drove all the way up to Salem we may as well indulge a little!

We should have made a reservation at a restaurant but we didn’t and it ended up working in our favor, but easily couldn’t have!

After scoping out our options for dinner we decided that Finz looked like the place to be, it was hopping outside even though it was chilly and a fun vibe on the inside.

While walking around we called to try to make a reservation and they said they wouldn’t be able to seat us until 10! I decided we should just go put our name in and hope that we got seated sooner then that. Luckily they gave us a buzzer so we walked around outside a bit and then grabbed a seat at the bar to get a drink and kill sometime. Overall we waited about an hour and it was worth the wait.

My entree of the evening: Salmon with Amaretto crab butternut squash with asparagus and capers drizzled a pomegranate butter sauce

They had a lot of seafood options to chose from so it was a tough decision for me. I was sold on the salmon after reading it was over a crab butternut squash risotto! Anything with the word risotto usually wins me over! The downfall of my dish was the pomegranate butter sauce drizzled over top of it, the sweetness was not necessary for this dish but non the less it was still delicious!

Jeff being the carnivore that he is got some sort of steak and mashed potatoes and enjoyed it!

We left with full bellies! If you are ever in the Salem Mass area I highly recommend this restaurant for good food! Make sure to make a reservation ;).

Have you gone to any good restaurants lately?

What is the longest you have waited for a table?
I think the longest was an hour, and I don’t think I could wait longer then that!

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