Go on with your bad self

Happy Wednesday!! Is it just me or is this week cruising right along?
Must be due to my jam packed schedule and exciting plans for the weekend!

In lieu of a dietary theory this week we are talking about treating yourself. In case you missed previous dietary theories you can find them here:
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Today we are talking about being bad!
We are always trying to be “good”, perfect, fit a certain mold, look, act or dress a certain way.

The problem with all of this is that we stop being in charge of our own life. We are all about pleasing other people and not pleasing ourselves.

We can’t be perfect, we all have our flaws. But that is what makes us unique from one another. How boring would this world be if we were perfect.

We can’t always eat healthy, our bodies has cravings and needs and if we don’t satisfy those cravings we may binge and feel worse in the long run.

We get tired we can’t always keep go go going, we can take a rest day or sleep in longer.

So I am challenging you to allow yourself to do something “bad.”

No, I am not encouraging you to do something dangerous or illegal. I mean do something for yourself, take a nap, eat chocolate, eat ice cream, take a rest day, sleep in, have a glass of wine. Whatever your little heart desires!

What are you going to do to be bad?

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