Chocolate Almond Butter

What is up my carrots people?? It snowed here and Brady LOVES IT!! He likes to jump around in it and eat it!

I always love the first snow and then move on unless it snows on Christmas then I love it again. But you all know I am a summer girl through and through.

Anyways I was between sharing a recipe and a workout with you and the recipe one because um it’s amazing. I have no idea why this didn’t occur to me until the other day!

I had a bag of sliced almonds and decided I wanted to make almond butter and while I was grinding up my almonds and chocolate entered my mind and I remembered I had chocolate chips in the cabinet and decided chocolate almond butter needed to happen. Boy, oh boy am I glad it did!

Chocolate Almond Butter:


1 8oz bag unsalted sliced almonds (you can use whole but I found the sliced were easier to process)
1 tbs veg oil (you can probably omit, I needed it to get everything going)
½ cup chocolate chips

1.) In a food processor process your almonds until consistency of choice, add oil if you are having difficulty getting everything moving. It took about 5-10 minutes to process. I have a P.O.S. food processor so I got some semi crunchy almond butter but I like crunchy.
2.) One a double boiler melt chocolate chips. (you can microwave but due to my college roommate burning a bowl in the microwave melting chocolate I do it oven the stove)
3.) Add melted chocolate to almond butter in food processor and process just to get everything mixed together.

It was so easy to make this, so much cheaper then buying it at the store and sooo delicious!! Best idea I have had all week 😉

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Did it snow where you are? What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite kind of nut butter?
Justin’s hazelnut almond butter is a good one! And PB2

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