Modern Macrobiotics Diet

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Anyways we I am back with another dietary theory! In case you missed other theories discussed you can find them here:
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Modern Macrobiotics:
Macrobiotics is a way of living in respect to physical, biological, emotional, mental, ecological and spiritual order of our daily lives.
Macrobiotic living means striving to learn the art of balance in everything we do.

Eating the macrobiotic way may mean eating in a more regulated, simple way or in a more broadly varied way, depending on your needs, preferences and circumstances. Macrobiotic eating is gaining your own understanding of how different foods affect YOU.

Dietary recommendations:
whole grains- 50-60% each day
vegetable- at least one dish with every meal
sea vegetables
condiments and pickles- small amounts of these creates variety in meal, aids in digestion and brings balance
fish- small portion
nuts and seeds

Weight in Can you eat the macrobiotic way?

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