Scenes from Salem

Hey there, I hope those of you in Sandy’s path are safe and sound! We are both home from work today and have prepared food, coffee lots of water and flash lights and candles should we lose power.

We had a great time in Salem Mass. It was great to see so many people dressed up and go into all the local gift shops. We bought ourselves some Witches wine and bought my parents some Vampire wine! We went through a haunted house and both got a bit scared, we knew people would jump out at us so everytime we turned a corner I shouted “someone is going to jump out,” but we both weren’t prepared for the people to sneak up behind us and snarl in our ears, I was definitely screaming!

We also went through a witches wax museum which went through the history of witches. I never realized that Nathanial Hawthorne was the ring leader of the witch believers. It was also interesting to learn that once on of the governs wife was accused of being a witch he declared that you could no longer accuse people of being a witch based on a premonition.

I will leave you with some picture of our trip! Stay safe!

A post tomorrow is weather pending!

How was your weekend?

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