The pH diet

Happy Thursday friends hope your week is going well.

Continuing the trend today we are discussing the pH diet.

Past dietary theories discussed:
The Standard American Diet
The Blood Type Diet
Metabolic Type Diet
The pH diet

The pH diet also known as the Alkaline Diet:

The balance of pH is crucial for the function of enzymes that control our bodies metabolism, hormones and survival. The normal, slightly alkaline (or basic) pH of our blood contributes to controlling the speed of the enzyme reactions in our body.

People in favor of the pH Diet believe that eating too many acid-forming foods causes blood and tissues to become acidic and because of that it promotes disease, exhaustion, and anger. However, balancing the pH by eating more alkaline forming foods restores health.

Foods to include if following this diet are:
Alkaline foods should be 75-80% of your intake
vegetables – wheat and barley grass, cucumber, parsley, sea vegetables, alfalfa and broccoli sprouts in high amounts
nuts – especially pumpkin seeds
whole grains – buckwheat, quinoa and spelt
olive oil
Acidic foods should be 20-25% of your intake
animal meat โ€“ such as poultry, fish and red meat
some fruit โ€“ such as cantaloupe, dates, and nectarines
some dairy and dairy substitutes, such as cow’s milk and soy milk

Foods to only include occasionally: highly acidic
Cheese โ€“ all forms
Ice cream
Some grains โ€“ barley, corn and rye
Dried fruit
Peanuts, cashews and pistachios
Processed foods

Foods to avoid:

Fatty meats

The pH Diet:
– purifies this body of toxins, parasites and germs
– most disease, cancer and arthritis cannot exist in an Alkaline medium
– allows sufficient protein to control blood sugar and insulin to help kidney’s excrete acids.

Cons of this diet: It can be extremely difficult to follow because of its long list of rules and restrictions!

Would you follow this diet?

Do you eat more alkaline based foods or acidic?

I would have to say my diet is about 50/50, but that depends on the day!

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