Beat the Treats Total Body Circuit Workout

Happy Tuesday folks! Luckily yesterday flew by, I was so busy at work and Jeff started a new job so all day long I kept thinking I wonder what he is doing now, hahaha I am weird.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday kicked off round 3 of Best Body Bootcamp and I couldn’t be happier to have it back in my life! I don’t feel lost at the gym anymore!

I was managing by rotating some workouts I had on hand and making a few up as I went along. But it is nice to have workouts to follow and something that holds me accountable!

Speaking of making a few up, I made a killer one up last week and had to share it with you! It was inspired by a workout Hollie posted a little while ago and I wanted to change it up a bit. I did the following workout 2 times through because that is all I had time for and all I think my body could handle. My abs and booty were sore for a few days after! But it is definitely a good one!

Since candy and holiday’s are around the corner I couldn’t think of a better title!

Are you participating in Best Body Bootcamp?

Which do you prefer total body workouts or targeting one or 2 muscle groups at a time?

P.S. For my Pretty Little Liar lovers tonight is the season finale!!

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