The Flavor Point Diet

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Continuing on the dietary theory trend, todays diet up for discussion is the Flavor Point Diet.

If you are just catching up diets previously discussed are:
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The Flavor Point Diet:

Dr. David Katz believes that people are bombarded with too many flavors and because of all of the flavors people over eat. According to Dr. Katz’s research we break down our food into 3 categories salty, savory and sweet. When one flavor is eaten it stimulates a certain place in the brain that tells us our brain is full of this flavor. If we eat them all at the same time our brain sites receives stimulation at the same time thus not getting the memo that we are full.

This dietary theory is based on neuroscience stating that people eat more when they have a diverse plate of flavors and less when variety is controlled.

Pros of the diet:

โ€ข Allows for prompt weight loss without excluding foods
โ€ข Based on how to control appetite and eat less, rather than how to eat a perfect diet
โ€ข Suitable for all members of the household


โ€ข May require an inconvenient amount of thought when planning meals and eating at restaurants

For more information you can check out Dr. Katz’s book The Flavor Point Diet

What are your thoughts on Dr. Katz’s theory, are you buying it?
I think he makes a good case but I am not buying it. Most people are able to enjoy multiple flavors and stop when they are full. I enjoy having an array of flavors at my meals, it makes the meal more enjoyable.

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