The Standard American Diet

Can this week move any slower? Finally, it is Thursday! Anyone else feel this way?

Continuing the diet theory trend today I have one rather, shocking diet to share with you.

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disclaimer: this is not meant to be a joke, this came up as one of the dietary theories in my IIN training. It is the reality of some people and this is exactly why I want to be an a Health Coach.

Today’s diet up for discussion is SAD aka “The Standard American Diet” which in fact is quiet sad. I would also like to think this diet is few and far between but we all know it is still very much present.

The Standard American Diet is said to consist of processed foods, meats and dairy products filled with hormones and antibiotics, lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Lots of high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

Can we say yum!?

I don’t think so! Unfortunately this is the reality of a lot of kids and adults. Luckily there is a huge health food epidemic but some people just can’t jump on that band wagon! I wish I could understand why they can’t try to eat a more healthy lifestyle but it is their life not mine.

A typical day of eats from the SAD looks like:
breakfast: muffin, coffee, orange juice
snack: bagel and cream cheese
lunch: deli meat on a sandwich, chips, sugar drink or fast food i.e. burger and fries.
snack: candy bar or antyhing that can be found in a vending machine
dinner: meat, potatoes, bread, butter, vegetable
dessert: ice cream, pastry

If I had to eat like that for a day I would feel sick for days! It is horrible that some people’s diets consist of these things. I believe that all of the above things are allowed to be enjoyed but in moderation. Let’s be honest life is just better when ice cream is involved, but not something that needs to be had everday.

I am fortunate to have grown up understanding how to properly fuel my body and how to eat a healthy diet but not everyone is privileged to have that lifestyle. You can’t blame always blame them for the way they eat. But we can help them to learn a healthier way!

Of Possible Interest:

via everydayhealth(click link to enlarge image)

What do you think of the Standard American Diet?

What do you think of the soda chart? As you may or may not know Mayor Bloomberg is putting a ban/limit on sodas in the NYC area, which I think is great but I am not a soda drinker!

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