Mare Bello Restuarant Stratford, CT

Happy Monday friends hope you had a lovely weekend! The weather was beautiful this past weekend and I got in some lovely outdoor time with the pup.

For years now my mom and her friend Linda have been raving about this restaurant called Mare Bello located in Startford CT.

They always talk about how delicious the food is and more importantly the crab appetizer and salmon entree!

I finally got an invite to the restaurant and already knew what I would be having for dinner before we even arrived.

My mom and I had to laugh at ourselves and make sure to get a picture together because when she pulled up to get me we were both wearing similar outfits, with the scarves we had bought together only a few days earlier.

The restaurant is located right on the water in Stratford and you really can’t beat the views. The restaurant offers outdoor seating but we opted for indoors because of the fall like temperature outside.

The wait staff is extremely nice and I appreciated the waiters ability to list of the specials by memory (from experience it is tough to do). My mom and Linda happen to know the chef, Linda is a celebrity there 😉 so the chef came out and said a quick hello!

For our appetizers we shared the crab that came with a mustard dipping sauce and cocktail sauce. The crab appetizer easily stole the show. I could have had this as my entree with a salad, it was delicious

We also shared the caprese salad which was delicious, I am on a sundried tomato kick so I enjoyed that they added them to the plate.

The real show stopper was our entree’s we all ordered the same thing. Which was blackened salmon served with a blue cheese sauce on the side, that came with carrots, green beans and a potato wedge.

The salmon was out of this world delicious and so was the sauce, I tend to stay away from sauces and don’t usually gravitate towards creamy sauces but the combination of this sauce and the salmon were delicious! I liked the it was served next to the salmon and not on top because when that happens some restaurant tens to over power the entree with sauce.
The green beans and carrots were delicious and so was the potato.
The only thing I did not like about the dish was that underneath the salmon was pastry dough which I don’t care for. I also didn’t think it went well because salmon could easily be cut with a fork and you would need a knife to cut the dough. I was told by the chef that they usually serve cabbage under it but they didn’t have any so he tried something different.

I had a wonderful dining experience at Mare Bello’s and would highly recommend it. The restaurant serves great food, has a great atmosphere and view and you wont leave the restaurant poor.

What was the best meal you ever had at a restaurant? or made lately?

This meal was it for me and if I was on the show “the best thing I ever ate” this would be the front runner!

How was your weekend?

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