Notre Dame Home opener

I should preface this post by saying, I know nada about football. Except for what I have learned from Friday Night Lights. That is that if you have Tim Riggins and Matt Seracen on your team your good to go! I am kidding, sort of!

I should also preface this by saying my parents went to Michigan State. As their loving daughter I should only route for the Spartans, which worked because York College (where I went) was the Spartan too minus the whole football team, we didn’t have one of those.

So any who, we woke up Saturday to head to Notre Dame campus for tailgating and a game. Both Jeff’s parents work there now. Jeff’s dad and sister are alum.

We did of campus touring before going to some tailgates.

Before entering the game we had to hit up a few tailgates, Jeff’s parents are popular people over there. The atmosphere on campus was something I had never really experienced before. My school wasn’t very big and like I said before we didn’t have a football team. Everyone was super friendly and made sure you to satisfy your thirst or hunger if either were the case.

We headed into watch the game around 3:00.

Notre Dame played Purdue and just won within the last few minutes of the game. I tried to understand what was going on, its a work in progress. But the whole day was long but fun and I was more then ready for bed by the end of it.

Sadly we left the next day. I had a blast spending time with Jeff’s family, he spends so much time with mine it was about time I spent some with his. I know Jeff misses his family and enjoyed spending time with them!

Do you like football?

What team to do you root for?

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