Chicago in a day

After a nice nights sleep we were ready to take on the day. But the day as it would appear wasn’t ready for us. It was raining when we woke up.

Jeff’s mom drove in from Indiana and we had plans to take the architectural boat tour at 10:30. We had a leisurely breakfast and while we were eating we saw the sun starting to show its face. It has completely cleared up by 10:15 and we were so happy to get perfect weather for the boat tour.

The architecture in Chicago is absolutely amazing and I wish I could remember everything the lady told us about. But I can’t so I just gave you an excuse to visit Chicago and go on the boat tour!

My favorite thing is the fact that you can see the reflection of the other buildings!

After the tour we walked to the ‘Bean’

This is my favorite picture, its inside the bean looking up!

After that we grabbed lunch and walked around Michigan Ave (think 5th ave but in Chicago not NYC) a bit before calling it a day and heading home with Jeff’s mom to their house in Indiana and gearing up for a day of football!

If you have been to Chicago have you ever been on the boat tour?

What is your favorite city and why?
I think Chicago just became my favorite, Boston is a close second though.

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