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Hey there, hope you all had a great weekend. We arrived home from a busy weekend away Sunday night. But, I had a busy day catching up at work yesterday so I had no time to catch up the blog so let’s get right to it.

Jeff and I arrived in Chicago around 4 and made our way to Jeff’s sisters apartment in the Lincoln Park Area. Once we got there and freshened up we were on the hunt for a place to eat dinner.

Luckily Jeff’s sister had given us detailed directions of how to get around and good places to go. After walking around and checking out the scene we decided on Mexican at the Twisted Lizard..

We happily dined al fresco because the weather was a perfect temperature. Upon arrival we were served chips and salsa to start. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chips but managed to put a dent in them out of hunger and the mere fact that they were sitting in front of me.

For dinner I ordered the shrimp and scallops fajitas and my meat lover got steak.

The portions were huge and unfortunately the amount of chips I ate I wasn’t very hungry once our food arrived but still managed to make a dent in my meal.

The thing I liked the most about the menus is that all of the vegetables, beans, rice were cooked 100% vegetarian. Some vegetarians mind if there food is cooked on the same surface as meat so it was nice to see that they took that into consideration.

With full bellies we headed to Kirkwoods which was about a mile maybe more down the road for a few drinks before calling it a night. We had a busy day of sight seeing the next day and wanted to make sure we got an adequate nights sleep!

Stay tuned for day 2 of the trip tomorrow!

Have you ever been to Chicago?

Is there a place that you have been wanting to go to?

I have been wanting to go to Chicago for years and I am happy I got to go and hope to go back soon

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