Tabouli Grill Restaurant Review

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of dining at Tabouli Grill a newer Mediterranean restaurant that opened up about a year and a half ago. The restaurant is located is Southport CT as well as Stamford CT. I dined at the Southport location.

Both my best friend and boyfriend were a waitress/waiter there and I happen to know the general manager there because she used to be my boss when I waitresses at a country club during college.

To start the evening out we ordered a bottle of Albarino. A white grape wine that originates from Northwest Spain and Portugal. The wine is very light and crisp and is said to have a grape and peach flavor to it.

When you are seated you are served pickles and pickled cabbage, which is so delicious and I pretty much ate that little platter to myself.

To start we had a combo appetizer which included, hummus, veggie liver dip and falafel. While veggie liver dip may sound un-appealing it is hands down one of the best things on the menu. It is made from egg whits, peas and walnuts, the crispy onions add to is flavor and is so good on top of the pita they give you.

For my main meal I ordered the chicken shawarma platter which I split with a friend because the dinner platters are a rather large portion. Your meal comes with an Isreali salad and your choice of a side, I went with the sweet potato fries because they are delicious. (For most kebab platters they can offer you a lunch size portion at dinner.) Their chicken shwarma is so delicious and I have heard that their lamb is equally as delicious.

The lighting in the restaurant got too dark by the time my food came around so after my meal they allowed me to go into the back to get some pictures of food they offer. Bellow is what a platter would look like and this particular platter is a Chicken Shawafel platter, which comes with chicken shawarma and falafel balls.

This is what a pita would look like and I believe this is a lamb pita.

is probably the best Mediterranean restaurant in the Fairfield/Southport CT area. I do think that some of the options on the menu are a tad over priced for what you are getting. However I think the food is delicious and I have never had a bad meal there.

I think that they would do even better then they already do in a different location where more people will see it driving by. I also think that in the summer months they would do better if they had outdoor seating (I think that about most restaurants that don’t offer outdoor seating) but the location they are at doesn’t allow for it.

All in all I had a wonderful dining experience, the wait staff is very friendly. The food was served in a timely fashion and was delicious as usual.

Have you ever been to a Mediterranean restaurant?
What is you favorite food?

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