Final HLS recap

I am sure by now you are over the HLS recaps but I have one last recap and then I will move on!

But first everyone wish my brother luck he is off the begin his Freshmen year at Clark University. I am extremely excited for him and insanely jealous!

If you are just catching up but sure to check out recap 1 and recap 2!

After everything wrapped up on Saturday my roommates and I got ready to head out to dinner with some of the other girls. I believe there were about 20 of us at dinner, so many we had to be split between 2 tables!

We went to dinner at Cafe Sushi. Unless someone had told you about this restaurant you probably would have walked by it. I am not sure how we had heard about it but I am glad we ended up there.

Juliette, Jocelyn and I decided to order the sangria because it was described as peach ginger and we were looking forward to the peaches. Note to self, ordering sangria at a Japanese restaurant will not get you your traditional sangria.

The sushi stole the show anywyas! I shared a seaweed salad with Jocelyn and got 2 rolls, a tuna and cucumber and a crunch something all I know is it had eel in it and crab on the outside, it was to die for!

After dinner a bunch of us walked to J.P. Licks a ice cream/yogurt shop. I had the best hard frozen yogurt of my life, oatmeal cookie and peanut butter chip. I may have found my 16 Handles replacement should I ever move to Boston!

Sunday morning there was a breakfast which I quickly ate and began my trek home!

I originally wasn’t going to go to the conference because I was nervous of not knowing anyone. I can be extremely shy in new situations especially when I am alone, I usually need to give myself a little pep-talk prior to going new places where I will be meeting new people. I am proud of myself for going and stepping out of my comfort zone, I left feeling extremely confident and proud that I went.

I am even more grateful and happy that I got to meet my two roommates.

From the second we got together the 3 of us immediately connected and could not stop gabbing! I am lucky that they are only a short train ride away because I hope to see them soon!

As much as I enjoyed myself I would have liked to learn more at the seminars, I feel like there was so much more to cover but only a short time to get to the point. I am glad I got to connect with all the girls that I did. It is very refreshing to be able to meet girls who share a similar background as you and girls who just get you.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

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