HLS day 2

If yesterday set the precedent for this week then this week will sure fly by and let’s hope it does because I have a fun weekend coming up!

So yesterday I left you with Friday night at HLS. Saturday morning started off with breakfast sponsored by Wild Harvest, they food provided was delicious and one of the bloggers came up with the recipe in a recipe challenge they hosted prior to HLS.

After breakfast I scoped out some of the other companies there. I spoke to the people of EnergyBITS for a while and got a sample of energybits and will do a full review of them once I have finished them off.

The wonderful people are Reebook were kind enough to give us some sneakers in our swag bag but they also had some sneakers for us to try.

I tried on the Smooth Flex and LOVED them, I may be biased because I loved the color so much but they were light weight, breathable and felt like something I could run in with ease!

After chatting with some people it was time try try Crossfit with some good looking guys from Reebok!

Ready to get our Crossfit on

For our Crossfit workout we did 7 air squats and 15 jumps as many times through for 5 minutes. Um hello sore hamstrings and glutes!

The first seminar I went to was Blog Photog Basics which I really enjoyed since I just got my SLR in November and I am still trying the thing out. I found it to be very informative and thought that Gretchen did a great job with the presentation.

The next seminar I went to was Blogging with Brands. Which I also found to be very informative, learning how to properly approach a company and to look for local companies to get involved in are just a few of the things that I learned.

We broke for lunch after that and after lunch I hit the hotel gym for a quick treadmill run and then joined some other girls for a quick DrinkChia workout #shakeitbaby. If you have this stuff in your area I am seriously jealous, I need this to be in every store locally asap!

After the workout I went to my last session of the day which was Social Media: Keeping up with online trends by Heather, she was very informative as well and I am still trying to figure out this whole buffer app thing!

Well that certainly ended up being a longer post then expected! I will finish up my final recap tomorrow and my final thoughts on HLS as a whole! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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