HLS Cocktail Party

What a weekend and I feel like I will never catch up! I hope you had an awesome weekend as well! I am just popping in quick today, this day and going to be a busy one and I need to hop to it!

This morning started with Best Body Bootcamp week 6, so far I am loving phase 3 of the bootcamp, this mornings workout really kicked me in the rear and I loved it. In case you were wondering Tina is doing another bootcamp, registration will start September 17th, I highly recommend it!

Let’t get back to the weekend shall we. I arrived at the Hyatt Cambridge around 4:30 picked up my swag

Um Reebok is the best for giving us all free kicks! love these, perfect for cross training!

After picking up my stuff I headed up to the room were I chatted with my roommates before it was time for us to get ready and grab a drink at the hotel restaurant before heading to the cocktail party.

The cocktail party was hosted by Rebootizer!

The party was a lot of fun, my roommates and I missed the memo about eating dinner before hand so we tried our best to fill up on crackers and cheese.

It is semi awkward at first to see people who you have never met but you know so much about from reading there blog! But you eventually get over it and feel like you are the best of friends because you already know so much about each other. I had a great time mixing and mingling with a bunch of bloggers. It is fun to be around people who like to talk about health and fitness and like to talk about blogging!

Tessa and Jocelyn! So glad I met these girls.

Tessa, me and Lisa!

I didn’t take too many pictures but had a great time getting to know some great girls! Stay tuned for the recap of Saturday tomorrow. Have a great day!

What did you do this weekend?

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