Walk and run intervals

Happy Friday friends!! So glad the weekend is finally here. Tonight my friend is hosting a costume party! Please help me figure out what Jeff and I should go as!!!

This morning I opted to sleep in and go to the gym later because my old grandma self was out later then usual last night. When I woke up I realized how much I enjoy my morning routine and was thrown off by the change in waking up later.

During the week my morning routine involves my alarm going off around 6, this guy wakes up

I change into my gym clothes and then take him outside. We comeback inside, he eats and goes back to bed with Jeff and I head to the gym.

I come home, start the coffee pot, go to the room and get ready for work. Brady whines if you close the bathroom door so I always leave it open a crack and every morning he comes in and takes my clothes off the ground in brings them into the room. Now if only I could teach him how to put them in the laundry basket I would be golden.

After I am dressed I eat breakfast, take Brady out again and then put him back to bed and leave for the day.

I work best having routines, I feel all anxious otherwise!

Now that I have bored you with my morning routine I have another killer interval workout for you. This week for best body bootcamp the intervals changed to 3 minutes hard 2 minutes recover! I did it on Wednesday and plan to do it today. The time goes by so fast because of all the changing of speeds you are doing.
*All the recoveries were walking*

Do you stick to a routine int he morning, or just go with the flow?

What should we dress up as tonight?

What are you doing this weekend?

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