Last week I found this horribly disturbing yet very interesting article on the Huffington Post.

The article is The Hunger Blogs: A Secret World of Teenage Thinspiration

The article covers the topics of “thinspiration.”

Thinspiration aka “thin-spo” is photos of very skinny girls and pro anorexia quotes.

The article talks about a blogger who is “thin-spo” on her blog she talks about how much she weights and what her goal weight is. She talks about how seeing bones are sexy and one very skinny blogger has a photo of her wearing a shirt that reads “I beat obesity”. The article goes on to say that thinspo bloggers are aware of the dangers of what they are doing to themselves and implying to others.

As someone who grew up looking at magazines and seeing very thin models and saying to myself I want to look like that I could see how girls could read these blogs and want to do like the writers are doing. In my adult life I now know better but the girls writing these blogs don’t and the girls reading them may not either. The blogs are not sending a positive message by any means. They make it seem like it is ok to hate your body and that the only way you will be happy is if you are emaciated looking.

read the article, tell me what you think!

What do you think of “thinspiration”?
What did you think of the article?

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  • This article makes me sick. The idea of flirting with anorexia and encouraging it like this female does is so degrading. Mental disorders are not something to be taken as a goal. Wow, just wow. Thanks for sharing, I hope people realize the sickness screaming from her blog.

    • I know doesn’t it make you just want to shake them and be like um hello you are aware of what you are doing to yourself so stop! The fact that they are writing about it is a cry for help, why isn’t anyone helping them!? gah it makes me so angry!

  • It’s so sad, but these blogs have been around for many mannnnyyy years (anyone remember Xanga, and LiveJournal??) but luckily websites like Pinterest have noticed the posting of such sites, and are doing their best to block them.

    • I have never heard of those sites! I am glad sites like pinterest are starting to regulate these things. These girls thinspo blogs are a cry for help!

  • I think this is disgusting, its not like young girls need anymore encouragement to become anorexic or think negatively about themselves, they have enough of that!