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Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I am spent from running my first half marathon! I almost wish it was on Saturday morning so that I could have a day to be lazy and recover, even though I did that as soon as I got home anyways.

someone else was tired too and I cannot imagine why:

big yawn

My day started bright and early around 5:20. I got up, got ready ate a quick breakfast thanks to preparation the night before, overnight oats and my dad and I were off. The weather was beautiful for the race, warm and sunny!

We arrived at Central Park around 7:00 am giving me an hour before the race, I walked around visited the porta potty’s a few times and then it was time to begin. Unbeknownst to me until I got there I was in the first corral, they did it by number in which you signed up and because I awaited the day for the registration to open and registered as soon as it did I was number 234, right up front.

Being up front was a good and bad thing for me, good because there was no run a little, stop wait, walk, run in place at the start as soon as the horn blew I was off. Bad thing, I took out my first 2 miles WAY to fast and paid for it towards the end. My first 2 miles were around 7:15’s.

Fun fact Elizabeth Hasselhoff ran the race, I ran passed her in the beginning and then next to her for about a mile, thanks to her I knew a hill was in my future around mile 3 because she said “get ready for the hill ladies,” I silently thanked her for the heads up. She then passed me eventually and I couldn’t help but notice she was a toe runner, her heels never hit the ground, but she is fast so I guess it is working for her, maybe that’s the secret..

The course was well marked, they had millions of water stations, the course wasn’t horrible. We went around the park twice and then ended going up a hill, it was rough, I was hurting.

Around mile 9 I wanted it to be over! I was mentally checking out, my right arch in my foot was checking out fast. I originally wanted to run in 1:45 but quickly realized that I a.) wanted to finish with out stopping to walk and b.) if I had it in me I wanted to finish under 2 hours, I needed to finish under 2 hours, for my sanity.

1:54 was my final time and I was pretty pleased, it said I held a 8:45 mile pace, which I will take. I am aiming to go faster in 2 weeks and hopefully not start out so fast so I have more life at the end. ABout 8,000 women ran this race and I came in 803, not too shabby.

I can’t believe I am running another half in 2 weeks! I hope I survive, I have a nice blister on my left big toe that needs to heal quick!

How was your weekend?

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  • Great Job, Kaitlin! That is a fantastic time! Awesome that you ran with Elizabeth Hasslehoff for a while! Which race are you running in two weeks! You’ve trained hard and it will show off!!
    When I ran two in two weeks, I ran a medium-long run the weekend in between of 8 or 9 miles (in case you were wondering.. NOT like you asked but oh well.. :) )

    • thanks girl!! Actually thank you for telling me how much you ran in between the 2 races because I wasn’t sure what I should do this weekend to stay ready, at the moment I can’t even imagine running, how many days did you give your legs before you ran?

    • Thanks! I am so glad I got to see you! I am running a half marathon in Rochester NY with my dad, we have family that lives there!