St. Patrick’s day 4 miler

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I am struggling to keep my eyes open this morning due to a late night in the city seeing a concert with my friend. But, nothing a few cups of coffee can’t cure.

Like I mentioned last week I have run quite a few races in my day but I never really kept track of times or documented them. But I figured I better start and this blog is the best place to do so.

For a few years now my dad and I have participated in a local St. Patrick’s day race. It is a quick 4 mile race that starts at 11:00 am. My dad likes it because you get Irish Stew at the end, I like it because I can still enjoy St. Patrick’s day with friends and be able to get some sleep before running.

Last year we ran it and unbeknownst to me until we got home, I came in 2nd in my age group which is 20-24 and would have gotten a trophy. My time last year was 30:36 with average of 7:39 per mile.

This year I ran it in 29:09 and was pretty impressed with my 7:17 per mile. I know for a fact my first mile was 7 minutes exactly because I looked at my garmin when I hit the 1 mile mark. I couldn’t believe I could run that fast. I feel like I usually run 8 minute miles or close to 9 when I go for my long runs/ Just the other day I was thinking about how I needed to push myself harder on those runs. But it seems like I am doing pretty good at the moment.

After the 4 mile race my dad and I did it again in order to stay on top of our marathon training plan. The 2nd 4 miles were a few notches slower then the first 4. The first marathon I am running April 15th is a women only race but the 2nd one April 29th in Rochester NY my dad and I are running together, he is run that one 2 years now!

How was your weekend?

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  • ohh what concert did you go see?? and how do you like your garmin? I use an app on my phone right now, but it was free and I don’t know how much I trust its mileage!

    • There called “the head and the heart” you would like them! I am obsessed with my Garmin it is the best thing I have ever purchased I use it all the time!

  • You ran the race twice?! I bet you still beat some people! You are like the fittest person I know. I idolize you! (not enough to do it myself though… I think if I was home though I would at least try and work out with you..maybe…)

    • when you come home we can workout together, I promise it will be fun, I like doing circuit workouts which makes it go by so fast and you won’t get bored!