Healthy Salsa Con Queso

I hope you had a wonderfully fantastic weekend! I am so thrilled for the 60 degree weather I am seeing in our 5 day forecast. This has been the best winter ever! As much as I wanted a snow day from work I much prefer sun and warm weather!

Let’s talk about queso for a second, isn’t queso so delicious! I really enjoy salsa con queso with tortilla chips. The problem is you can only have a few chips and about 1 tbs of dip before you have reached the serving size.

Lucky for us the wonderful people at Laughing Cow Cheese came up with Queso Freso & Chipotlee. And even better is that they came up with a easy, delicious and healthy recipe.

The Laughing Cow Simple Cheesy Salsa (or as I like to call is Salsa con Queso):
serves: 4

4 wedges of the laughing cow light Queso Fresco and Chipotle Cheese
1 cup of Salsa

1.) Place salsa in a microwave safe bowl.
2.) Unwrap cheese and add to your salsa, place in microwave and microwave for 30 seconds, stir. You may need to heat again after stirring.
3.) Enjoy with tortilla chips :)

You Chip

and you dip

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