Spin Odyssey

Spinning for 6 hours is no joke! My leg’s are dead and I was ready for bed promptly at 4:00pm yesterday. I managed to last until 8:00pm when I decided I would read until I feel asleep, approximately 10 minutes past 8 I was out!

My day started around 7 (7:02 to be exact, you know me and my weird ways). I ate a quick breakfast of oatmeal with fruit and pb mixed in. I was promptly picked up at 7:30 where Mike and I headed to Intensity where Spin Odyssey would take place. We were nice and early but it gave us sometime to walk around, stretch a bit and hydrate! The spinning started at 9.

The first hour I felt great and was working up quite the sweat and not really thinking about the fact that I had 5 more hours after that. Hour 2 and 3 sort of flew by. But once the third hour hit my butt started to KILL and it was all down hill after that. I would have rather stood the whole time then keep sitting. OH, and don’t even get me started on the instructors doing jumps, it was painful to go from sitting to standing! The 5th hour was rough only because instead of having instructors they had a live band (made up of a bunch of doctors!) the band was good but it was hard to motivate myself. The last hour all I wanted was for the clock to read 3:00 pm. I was done!

My butt is still sore and so are my legs, I will be hurting for a few days I think but it was well worth it. My dad had asked me if I wanted him to do an hour for me so I could take a break and I had said I would think about it. But when I was there and started riding I was thinking about it and thought anyone who has cancer doesn’t get to just give it to someone for an hour or for a day they have to live with it and keep fighting. So as much as I wanted to let my dad take an hour, it was my choice to spin for 6 hours and I was going to push through.

The event is great there is so much energy and constantly people walking through making sure you have water and passing around fruit and sandwiches. The event raised close to $300,000 this year and had a great turn out! My mom, dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend were also on my team, it was great for all of us to be there together!

My dad and brother
Erika and Crissy, they spun for 4 hours!
the 6 hour spinners myself and Mike
Patty, Mia (brother's gf), my mom

It was a great event and I am so glad I challenged myself like that. Now to conquer my half marathons..

How was your weekend? What did you do!?

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