So you want to run a half marathon?

When I first signed up for a half marathon I ended up with iliotibial band friction syndrome and wasn’t able to run it. I ended up spending many a night at physical therapy. I was really bummed out about it.

Now I am signed up for not one but TWO Half Marathon’s in April and I am determined to finish both of them and not get injured in the training process.

My training plan is pretty simple, I am aiming to run 3 times a week, saving my long runs for the weekend. I started with 6 miles the first weekend, ran 7 miles this past weekend and will add a mile on each weekend. During the week I will aim to run about 10 miles total most likely 5 miles plus a leg workout Tuesday’s and the same thing on Thursday’s, which means that after next Sunday I will have to stop going to my usual spin class. On Monday’s and Friday’s I will do 20 mins cardio then an total arm workout and on Wednesday I do a weights class offered at my gym that I love. I think cross-training is important to keep in my plan and have read a lot of benefits of cross-training.

My half marathon training essentials are as follows:

1.) A good pair of running shoes Asics are the one and only running shoe for me. I used to wear what was “in” until I really started running and found Asics gave me minimal blisters. But I used to just buy the most inexpensive ones I could find at Kohl’s or on Amazon. I finally bit the bullet and bought a nice pair at Lady Foot Locker.

Yes, the qualifications were that I stop traffic with my running shoes

2.) When I was trying on the Asics the sales lady asked if she could show me something and I said sure and she came back with these in soles, that are amazing! They are better than the one’s my physical therapist gave to me!

If you don’t want to buy new kicks I highly recommend buying Spenco insoles. Your feet will feel extra cushion and really supported.

3.) Zenzah compression sleeves are amazing and help prevent shin splints. I experienced bad shin splints after my 6 mile run the other weekend. I wore these sleeves during a 5 mile and 7 mile run and felt NO pain in my shins, it was absolutely wonderful.

4.) Foam Roller. Foam Rollers are amazing, they hurt so good but they really help you work out all the sore spots in your legs. If you plan on running a half marathon I can highly recommend spending 10-20 minutes post run foam rolling, your legs will thank you later.

5.) Thorlo Running Socks

If you are pron to blisters these socks are for you. They have extra cushion on the heel, toes and bunion area.

6.) Shot Bloks, to help fuel me through those long runs.

Happy Running!!

Of Interest: Overeating may cause the risk of memory loss (via TIME)

Have you ever run a half marathon? Would you ever run a half marathon?

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