Fun Facts Friday

Happy Happy Friday my carrot stick friends!

I cannot believe I woke up to snow this am! It was so warm this week and around 50 degrees yesterday, I was running outside yesterday, I did not see this snow coming! I wish it had given me a snow day, but no here I am at work!

I want to catch you up on my no drinking and half marathon plan of attack but since its Friday I am going to save that for next week and share some fun facts with you.

1.) I want to be Bethenny Frankel, she is my idol and if I ever met her I would die, but I would love to be her little protege.

this is my favorite show!

2.) I eat lemons the way one would eat an apple, I eat the inside and the skin, I love it and many people think it is weird. I think I have met about 5 other people that eat an entire lemon as well. P.s. the inside is really bad for your teeth but the outside is good for your teeth so the skin counteracts the damage :). And a side note I have very white teeth so I don’t believe this.

3.) When I really like something I say I am obsessed with it if you are a regular reader of this blog you probably know this and have seen it with, oats, kale, quinoa, 16 handles, swedish fish, smoothies I think you get the point.

4.) My boyfriend and I have the same last name but he has an ‘H’ in his name and I do not. The other funny thing about this is that he has the same first name as my dad. People really get a kick out of this, when we first started dating my mom and family friends had a great time with it.

5.) In 9 days I will be spinning for 6 hours for breast cancer research. Please donate!! You can find my donation page here!

Tell me something fun about you?

How’s the weather where you are?

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