Homemade Almond Butter

“Hey Arnold” was one of my favorite shows as a small child. I especially loved Brain and his heavy breathing, awkwardness and how he made Helga crazy!

I was browsing on the internet yesterday and stumbled upon this

UM SAY WHAT!? I always thought he was wearing a kilt! Upon further examination I saw how it is an untucked shirt but really!? Jordan said it best

Now that I potentially blew your mind, I am going to do it again!

I made almond butter.

One of the perks of living at home is the parentals buying groceries, so I put something on the list and it magically appears in my pantry. Lately I have been requesting almond butter because it is delicious and it is better for you than peanut butter. Well one day my dad came home and said “you can buy your own bleepin almond butter its too darn expensive” (buy expensive it costs more then $2 so he ain’t buyin it) I’m only kidding, sort of and this is when my mom rolls her eyes and will say put it on the list. But she wasn’t there for this conversation so I said “okay dad, buy me almonds then”

So almonds were bought and my grand scheme to make homemade almond butter worked.

For my first attempt it came out pretty well. It could have been creamier and I think next time I will add 1/4 cup canola oil in order to get that consistency.

Almond Butter:

1 bag alomds
pinch of salt
2 tsp agave (not necessary, I was hoping to achieve a smoother consistency this way but didn’t work so well, it did give it a nice flavor)

Directions: This is what I would have done if I do it again, which I will
1.) In food processor poor bag of almonds.
2.) Grind almonds for a LONG time, it took about 10-20 mins. to get them to a proper consistency, the key is to be patient and keep going. The reason I don’t know the exact time is because I took breaks turning my food processor off for fear of it over heating.
3.) Once reached a smooth consistency add pinch of salt and 1/4 canola oil and blend until creamy

Did you know this about Hey Arnold!? Clearly it was shocking news to me!

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  • I’ve had a similar issue with the nut butters not coming out as creamy! I must not have blended it as long as I needed. Also, what sort of machine did you use to blend the almonds?
    Kaitlin recently posted..IN-N-OUTMy Profile

    • I used a food processor but it is very old and heated up pretty quickly so I was afraid it would set on fire ha! I know it needed more time and maybe some oil.