Costa Rica recap 6

Ugh its Monday and the only thing god about Monday’s is Pretty Little Liars, um yes I am obsessed with that show and don’t know how I will live with myself once it is over. I am going to finish off my Costa Rica recap today and fit two days into one post because I am sure by now you are over my recaps by now.

If you are just catching up, previous recaps you can be found 1 here, 2 here, 3 here, 4 here, 5 here

Our second to last day in Costa Rica consisted of surfing, lounging and relaxing! My brother and I took a 2 hour surf lesson. This was my brother’s 1st time surfing and my 3rd time surfing. I went to surf camp in San Diego when I was in high school and when I was in South Africa my friend and I took a surf lesson while we were in Jeffery’s Bay.

Our instructor was really good and both my brother and I caught a few small waves. I love surfing it is such a good upper body workout, it really wears you out though! We hope to get back out in the water after our lesson but the waves didn’t cooperate with us.

Needless to say we had an awesome time surfing. I loved how warm the water was and that we didn’t need wet suits, it made moving on the board and in the water much easier!

The next day and our last day we woke up suppppeerr early to go for a boat tour and go kayaking. Um I love kayaking but I was not at all excited about this trip. We were going to be kayaking in an area where crocodiles lived and I wasn’t trying to be croc breakfast! We took a boat ride and then the boat dropped us off to paddle around a small area where we could potentially see crocs. I was on edge the whole entire time and on the verge of tears and or a panic attack. My parents didn’t get it and thought I was being irrational, typical. Luckily my brother was on my side as well, we were bugging out!

please get me the hell out of here face

I can't paddle fast enough!

No crocs were spotted while kayaking, thank you sweet baby jesus! But look what we saw once back in the boat!

Once we saw the crocs my mom said “I didn’t think they would be so big, I am glad we didn’t see this before we kayaked or I would have been afraid too.” MMHHMM Thats. What. I. Thought!! You should always trust the scared one!

Happy Monday friends, hope your day is going super fast!

Do anything fun this weekend?

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