Costa Rica part 4

In case you missed the previous recaps you can find 1 here, 2 here, 3 here

Our day started bright and early and we head to the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. All the animals were injured in the wild and have been brought here to be kept and brought back to health and eventually released back into their normal habitat! Our guide was awesome and very knowledgeable and if you are interested in animals for $450 for one month you can volunteer down at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary where you will learn all about the animals and be able to touch them! I wish I could do this!

The highlight of the tour and being there was Sweetie she is a spider monkey. She walked around with us on our tour, stole someones juice and ran away with it and let my family all scratch her!

that's the spot!

Other animals we saw were
A scarlet Macaw

A Kinkajou (these things were my favorite and had the longest tongues ever!)

White faced Capuchin Monkey (don’t ever show your teeth around these guys, they will think you want to fight!)

A sloth

just hanging out

A Tayra

A Toucan did you know Toucan’s are very mean birds and will kill other animals for fun!

On our way back to Playa Zancudo we saw a lot of dolphins and the followed in the wake of out boat for a while.

I am dieing to swim with dolphins! Maybe on my next trip!

Have you ever seen any of these animals before?

Have you ever swam with dolphins before? Where?

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