Costa Rica part 3

The awesome thing about not having work on Monday is it is already Wednesday!

Lets get right into recap numba 3!

In case you missed the previous recaps you can find 1 here and 2 here.

Our 2nd day there was Christmas day! I awoke around 6 and immediately put on my running clothes and went for a run on the beach, it was amazing I love running outside but running on the beach makes it a million times better! Post run everyone else was awake and we had our coffee and breakfast and “santa” brought my brother and I stockings! Our Christmas presents were the trip and all the activities we did while away and we were more then ok with that. My brother and I have been bagging our parents for years to do a destination Christmas rather then presents! Stockings are our favorite thing about Christmas I think, they are usually filled with little nick nacky things and are all time favorite Christmas treat Chocolate Oranges! They are orange flavored chocolates that come in the shape of an orange and you whack them on the table and when you open it up they are orange sections, we die for them!

After our stockings were unstuffed we spent the day lounging on the beach and swimming! It was a very relaxing Christmas day! I also made a new best friend on the trip, her name was Luna and she was a neighbors dog that liked to play with me on the beach and in the water and would come hang out on the porch with us!

Its love!

We watched the sun set and then went out to dinner, and I had tuna again, it was better then the night before!

Tomorrow’s recap is when the real fun begins and prepare yourself for an abundance of cute animal pics!

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