Costa Rica part 2

and it is back to the grind 4:52 am came way too soon today! I spun my little heart out and it was back to the commuting thing! But enough about the same old same old, my recap of Costa Rica continues!

In case you missed out day of travels you can see it here!

Once we awoke the next morning (Christmas eve day) it was time to explore out little area! 300 people live on the Peninsula of Zancudo, it is basically a lonnngg road with some houses, and a few restaurants! To explore the area we rode bikes that came with the rental house.

This was a HUGE feet for me because I do not know how to ride a bike! When I was little I did try to ride a two wheel bike but struggled and my mother made fun of me (so nice of her I know!) and called me Olive Oil (Popeye’s girlfriend) I in turn gave up and never tried again. A few summers ago a trainer from the gym I belonged to came over to teach me how to ride a bike, we went around the block and I called it a day. I was terrified of falling off I felt like I had horrible balance and didn’t feel in control.

When my family said lets take the bikes and explore I was apprehensive and thought about staying behind but I really didn’t want to miss out and thought it was now or never so I went for it. It was awesome, I love riding bikes!!

The roads were not paved and had a lot of rocks and bumps and holes in the road so it was rather interesting this picture doesn’t really do it justice

But I now think I can safely say I could bike anywhere! Oh and my mother took back her comment about calling me Olive Oil and told me I looked like a natural, thanks mom only about 12 years too late but better late then never!

Naturally after out bike ride we hit the beach since it was quiet hot at that point and then we went out for a Christmas eve dinner!

The picture of my meal didn’t come out great, but it was so good! I ate fresh fish every single night when I was there. I had tuna this night! After dinner I called it a night, we went to bed pretty early the entire trip because a rooster liked to wake us up at 6 am so I was usually asleep by 8pm and I was more then okay with that!

The trip continues tomorrow! Hope your day isn’t dragging too much.

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