Pre trip tangents

An 8 hour work day stands between me and my 11 day vacation. Can I get a wohooo!!

I have to make lists of everything I’m bringing, and things I have yet to pack so I don’t forget a thing.

Spinning kicked me in the booty today and I needed it after all the latkes I ate last night.

This was not my intended post for today but my pictures weren’t loading and it was past my bed time (aka past 9:30, I’m a grandma I know). Hanukkah pics to come tomorrow.

I’m not going to bed tonight, we are leaving my house at 2:30 am for the airport. Our flight to Costa Rica is at 5:30 am! I figure I would be less crabby if I just never went to bed as oppose to having to wake up mid r.e.m cycle.

I never new it was possible to have soo much snot in ones nose, but it is and its gross. Tmi, sorry

These guys are going to miss me soo much



Luckily my best friendster and aunt will be taking care of them!

I’m done rambling now!

Tell me some tangents about you!

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