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Before we get into this said workout, I have something to say. The other day while I was lifting weights minding my own business, there was a kettlebell class going on next to me in which case the instructor told them to do something and one lady responded with really we have to do that? In which case my ears perked up and I thought “oh no she didn’t (in the ghettoist voice I could do). Luckily the instructor had balls (literally, and figuratively) and said if you don’t want to do it you can leave the class. I had a silent applause for said instructor.

Now I am curious, why take classes at the gym or workout with a personal trainer if you are going to fight with the trainer or instructor on what they tell you to do? I mean really, they are there to help you, you signed up for this class or session, so shut it and just do it. Yes I am aware it might hurt and take you out of your comfort zone but isn’t that why you took the class, or hired someone to help you? #justsaying

Moving right a long..

I have been stuck in a lifting rut for the past few weeks. I was lifting but felt like I was just going through the motions. I also think I was attempting to do too many different exercises in one session rather then taking a few and focusing on the moves. So I came up with a little circuit for myself and it looked a little something like this (in voice of Run DMC something like this)

3×20’s circuit workout

20 Kettlebell swings (15lbs)
20 Kettlebell squat swings with a pass (15lbs)
20 madonna moves
20 deadlift rows (10lbs)
20 curtsey’s (20 each leg) (holding 10lb weights)
20 lying bench press’s (10lbs)
20 flyes (10lbs)
20 tricep extensions (10lbs)
repeat 3 times through (if you don’t know a move you should be able to find workouts can be on youtube)

The routine took about 30 minutes and by set three I was feeling the burn. Feel free to lift heavier weights! I happen to be a weakling!

follow with this HIIT workout on the treadmill and you will be good to go!

since it is Friday I will leave you with this

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