New kicks and a killer workout

Hi carrot sticks! Happy Wednesday!

First things first, yesterday I caved and bought new kicks, my sneakers have a hole in the toe and they have lomg surpased their 300-400 mile mark, I think I have had them for over a year! I love them so it is going to be hard to part with them. Truth: I wont really part with them, I tend to hoard my old sneakers and sit them in the closet. I tell myself I will wear them again hiking or something I am in denial about it, in a few weeks, months, ok fine years they will get tossed.

Asics have my heart and I will not buy any other sneakers ever! It took me a very long time and a lot of blisters to find them.

see the hole in my toe :(

New shoes can’t come soon enough! I found them on which I highly recommend, they have free shipping and good prices!

so pretty!

I hope I still I have your attention after I have bored you to tears with my sneaker situation, I now have a ridiculously sweaty workout to share with you. I even took a really attractive picture of myself so you could see how good it is…

Yes its true, I am 23 and do not make my bed, it is the least of my worries at 5 am and its also true that there indeed is a stuffed animal in my bed, I have had it since I was born and I still sleep with it his name is Raggels I am not ashamed :) moving right along.

Lower body mission from fitstudio

Round 1:

25 butt kicks

25 jumping jacks

repeat x2

25 squat

25 2-step heismans

repeat x2

 jump rope 2 mins

Round 2:

20 alternate forward lunge

20 squats

10 burpees

1 min jump rope

20 min alternate bakwards lunge

20 jumping jacks

10 burpees

1 min wall sit

repeat x3

Round 3:

20 Butt kicks

20 squat front kicks

20 Heismans

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Bicycle

repeat x3

round 4:

20 skaters

20 butt kicks

20 squat front kicks

20 butt kicks

20 shuffle

20 butt kicks

repeat x3

Round 5:


left side plank


right side plank

Hold each position for 30 secs repeat 3 times

Happy sweating!

P.s. if you do not know what some of the moves are type them into youtube, you will find plenty of resources

Any one else out there keep sneakers for a while?

Done any good workouts lately?

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