Fish out of water- literally

Well folks the mystery of my bum knee has been solved I have __ and I can’t remember the name! But anyways my tendon rubs against my bone in my knee causing tremendous pain, even when walking! I was told I cannot do anything such as running ellipticalling (yup, I just made that a word, feel free to use it) spinning you get the idea. BUT I am convinced I will run the half marathon so I must resort to the one thing I can do to keep up endurance up which is swim. EW, if recall I was a swimmer and broke up with swimming senior yr of college as soon as the season ended. That was Feb 2010, ask me if I have swam/ thought about swimming again, answer a big fat NO. But for the sake of my sanity and the hope that I can race October 2nd I will be getting my bootay in the pool tomorrow! I can assure you I will recap my drowning experience tomorrow! It is a good thing my mom will be coming to the pool a half hour after I go, she can save me from the bottom of the pool!

Anyways on to meatless Monday, which was a rather lame one if you ask me

Breakfast- smoothie

Snacks- Apple, mini apple pie Larabar (thank you HLS swag bag)

Lunch- Salad, peach, Fage blueberry acai yogurt

Dinner- Pizza (frozen cheese from Traders, it holds a special place in my heart, when I was in middle school with an absurdly fast metabolism I could eat a whole pizza and have room for more! Gross I know) and Greek Salad

I’m off to read and mentally prepare myself for the drowning that is going to take place tomorrow!

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