HLS round 2

In case you missed it you can check out my post about part 1 of HLS here.

The next morning started out with breakfast sponsored by Attune Foods! They provided an excellent spread of cereals, fruit, and yogurts! I was happy they had one of my favorite greek yogurts called Okios (the blueberry flavor is the jam) luckily they had coffee courtesy of Starbucks, I could not seem to get enough coffee yesterday!



After breakfast and before the presentations I checked out some of the sponsors who had set up shop in the lobby! The Quaker table went un-pictured because it was swarmed by people filling out a survey to win “The Flexatarian Diet” written by Dawn Jackson Blatner and it focuses on a mostly vegetarian diet. I am happy to say I scored myself a copy of the book, since I am a semi veggie (only chicken and fish for this girl) I am excited to read this book! Some other sponsors were..

Attune Foods
Chia! I am a big fan of these drinks now!
Sun Warrior Granola

After browsing the presentations started and I sat in on How to Build a Better Recipe, Rising Above Negativity and How to Monetize your Blog. They were all great and very informative! I am so glad I got to attend HLS this year!

Another post to follow to highlight my exploration of the city!

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