Blogger meet up

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with two fellow bloggers who live in the area! I met Sarah through the HlSummit twitter list, ironically one day she mentioned the weather being beautiful in CT and we soon realized we live close by. Jen and Sarah have been friends for a while, it was so nice to meet with people who are passionate about the same things you are and like to talk about blogging just as much I do!

We met at restaurant in Orange CT called Chip’s, there is soon to be one just up the street from my house. They had a ton of options everything looked so good, I really enjoyed that they had a whole section dedicated to health options, they all sounded so good. In typical Kaitlin fashion I was starving and had trouble making up my mind. I settled for a egg white sandwich with turkey bacon on whole wheat bread. It was good but I wish I had asked for some cheese on my sandwich, oh well, next time. Unfortunately we had to part ways to continue with the rest of our Saturday’s but I know if we had time we could have chatted for hours. I can’t wait for another meet up!

We did stand in the parking lot for a good 15 mins trying to take pictures with the new SoyJoy bars for a project Jen is working on, it was rather hilarious because we propped the camera up on Jen’s car and kept running back and forth, we eventually turned around and saw a custodian who was working in the building behind us watching and laughing at us, we asked him to snap our picture, I am sure our little photo shoot made his day! Unfortunately the picture was taken on Jen’s camera so I can’t add it to this post.

After we parted ways I went to meet my mom at our friends pool, I got totally lost on the way and found myself passing a frozen yogurt shop, so of course I had to get my fix!

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