Kettle bell Krazeee

Had a seriously caffeine induced workout today! I usually eat breakfast and drink my 2 3 or 4 cups of coffee post workout. This morning I had a doctors appointment bright and early so I ate my breakfast and sipped my coffee on the way to the doctors, after the doctors I headed to the gym. Wow, did I feel like wonder woman! I had soo much energy and felt like I was going crazy on the arc trainer but I got a great workout in which is all that matters! After 45 mins on the arc trainer (I do the hill interval at about a level 6 or 7, its great cause it mixes the workout up for you) I attempted a kettle bell workout! I am in love! I don’t know what took me soo long to give them a try but I am glad I finely did. I used a print and go workout that I found from Women’s Health Magazine online. You should totally give it a try if your looking to mix up your weight workout.

Happy workout!

Kettle Bell Workout

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