Workouts, hang outs and football

by forloveofcarrots on February 9, 2016

Just like that another weekend has come and gone! I guess because I am unemployed at the moment I LIVE for the weekend just so I can surround myself with people and be out and about. This weekend was equal parts fun and lazy and full of new things!

On Friday I tried my first Xtend Barre class! Thanks to a deal I bought on Gilt City Boston a while back I have 5 classes with my name on it.

Th studio was super chic and I loved the white and turquoise color combo they use!
xtend barre boston

Xtend barre boston

The class I went to was Xtend Suspend so we used TRX Bands the entire class, which was challenging and fun! I definitely felt barre in other places I am not used to thanks to the addition of the bands. I found that the continuous change between targeted body parts made the class go bye SUPER fast and was amazed when the 55 minutes were up!

On Friday evening Jeff and I met up with Cait and her boyfriend Jeff for a quick drink before heading to meet up with two of our other friends for dinner at Tasca. Tasca is a Spanish Tapas restaurant in our neighborhood (aka a cheaper Barcelona, which it truly is). We all opted for entrees and we were all very pleased with our meals. I would definitely like to go back to try the tapas but would prefer to do that with one person, I find tapas hard to do with more than one person.

Saturday Jeff and I had a date at Velo-City and we got our booty’s kicked as usual. We both love the studio, it has a fun vibe and atmosphere and the teachers are great. An added bonus is that it is the most affordable spin studio I have come across in the city.

After our spin-sesh we decided to walk over to Sweetgreen and grab lunch. Neither of us had eaten at Sweetgreen but have heard good things. We both opted to make our own salads and were pleased with our selections, and I was very pleased with their cucumber, ginger limemade as well!
sweetgreen boston

The rest of our Saturday was spent running errands, taking Brady for a walk and to run around in the snow, thai takeout from Bamboo and watching a movie.

On Sunday I went into the city to try Barry’s Bootcamp for the first time. They are running a “pop your barry’s cherry” promotion so new comers can try Barry’s for free. Unfortunately thanks to T troubles I was running super late and got to the studio with about 1 minute to spare. Although the people working there didn’t seem to care if it was my first class or not because no one asked or offered me any sort of direction until I asked. The class itself was really challenging and my glutes are still feeling all the squats. The workout style reminded me of Orange Theory. I enjoyed that it was in intervals and we swapped back and forth between the weight area and being on the treadmill. The class was over in a flash and I left a sweaty, sore mess. I honestly would love to go to Barry’s Bootcamp again I am just not sure I could ever justify spending that much for one class.

After Barry’s I headed home to get ready for our Super Bowl Party! We had a few friends over to watch the game (aka the commercials) and eat food! I made my dad’s famous wings, buffalo cauliflower, chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows and graham crackers for dipping! Our guests contributed to the spread as well and we ended up with lots of yummy food!
superbowl party

I honestly was unimpressed by the game, the commercials and the halftime show so I was glad we had good company to chat with.

Did you try any new workouts this weekend?

What did you think of the halftime show and commercials?


Things I’m Loving Friday: City Edition

by forloveofcarrots on February 5, 2016

I never really saw myself living in a city. For a brief period of time I worked in NYC and thought about moving into the city because commuting was horrendous. I am so glad I never did that because A.) I disliked my job and B.) I just wasn’t any NYC person. I have found people either LOVE NYC or they don’t and I am one that does not.

Once Jeff and I got together we talked about where we wanted to end up later in life and Boston always made its way back on the table. When I had the store it seemed I had sealed our fate and we would be in that general area for the foreseeable future. One of the few reasons for leaving the store was that I wanted the opportunity to live elsewhere, so many of our friends were doing it and aside from college I had never moved away from home. While we both love where we grew up we both agreed that we didn’t want to be there forever and we wanted the opportunity to raise our future children elsewhere.

While our move to Boston came sooner than expected I think we are all (Brady included) in agreement that it was a great decision. While I have only been here a few weeks there is so much I love about living in the city that I decided to change things up this week and talk about all the things I love about living in a city.


The walk-ability: I love to walk places! That is one of my favorite things about traveling is walking/exploring new places. Jeff and I fortunately live in a location that we can walk to a lot of places easily. We can walk to the grocery store, our gym, my local Pure Barre, several of our friends places a bunch of restaurants, you name it we can walk there.

A millions places to walk/take Brady: We are fortunate enough to live close to Chesnut Hill Resevoir and Brady and I walk around it just about everyday. But there are sooo many other paths and trails that we can explore and once it is nicer out I can’t wait to take him to all the places. There are also countless dog parks in the area. I was worried about Brady adjusting to city life but he is doing just fine, he is totally fine peeing on a light poll or doing number 2 on something other than grass.

Things to do when guests come: Whenever friends visited us in Fairfield I would always turn to Jeff and say “what the hell are we going to do when so and so comes!?” Aside from going out to eat and shopping there isn’t too much to do in Fairfield. Now if we have guests visit I feel like there are countless things to do. Between all the history, restaurants, museums and shops we could easily fill our guests visit with fun activities.

Endless workout classes to try: Leave it to me to add this to my list of things I enjoy about being in the city but in the “burbs” your workout classes are limited to what has made it out of city life. Living in Boston there are SOOOO many workout options, endless spin studios, several different kind of barre studios, boxing gyms, bootcamp gyms, rowing gyms I mean my list could go on. This weekend alone I am trying Xtend Barre, Barry’s Bootcamp and going back to one of my favorite spin studios Velo-City.

Explore places outside the city: Jeff and I both went to Cape Cod a decent amount as kids and we are looking forward to being so close to it this summer! We are also glad to be closer to Vermont as we have some friends there and in New Hampshire. Jeff and I have also never been to Nantucket so we would love to take a weekend trip there and one of my favorite childhood vacations was to Martha’s Vineyard and I would love to take Jeff there one weekend.

Being apart of the blogging community here: I am telling you the blogging community in Boston is insane! There are soo many events to go to/ways to network, the opportunities are endless and it is so fun!

What are some things you are loving lately?


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