Making time to workout

by forloveofcarrots on October 31, 2014

Happy Friday and Halloween!! I hope you have fun plans for the evening! I know Fridays are usually fun facts but this post came to me earlier in the week and I just need to go with it.

A LOT of people ask me why I wake up so early to workout and why if I have the opportunity to sleep in do I still wake up early to work out. People also ask me how I have to time to work out and the answer is simple, I don’t have time, I make time. Let’s face it, we are all busy in our own way and don’t have time for half of the things we do in a day but we want to do them so we make time for them.

Working out is important to me, it’s something that keeps me sane and makes me a overall better person. Not to mention health and wellness is part of my job so it has to be a priority for me.

Since some people have a hard time jumping out of bed early in the morning like I do or hitting the gym after a long day at work I compiled a list of ways to help people make time for working out.

Making time to workout:
1.) For a week try waking up 10 minutes before your usual time and series of weightless exercises in your bedroom. The 7 minute workout app is a great way to get started. After a week try to increase to 20 minutes and so on. Eventually your body will become used to the earlier wake up call.
2.) Workout at home, so you don’t even have to worry about taking the extra time to drive to the gym before or after work. There are so many great resources for at home workouts on youtube, online, apps on your phone, dvds and even instagram. Some of my personal favorites are nike training club app (you need weights at home for this one), fit girls (you don’t need any weights for their workouts, tone it up, fit girl videos is my favorite ig account as of late, they have so many great workout ideas! I could go one forever so I will stop the list now.
3.) Sign up for group classes.
4.) Make plans with friends to workout so you can hold each other accountable.
kayaking 3
5.) Sign up for classes that charge you if you don’t show up (if you are anything like me and hate wasting money you will be sure to make it to the class).
6.) Buy deals on groupon and living social to try new classes/gyms in your area.
7.) If you have the time and opportunity workout during your lunch break. Or go for a walk during your lunch break.
8.) Schedule workouts, put them into your planner or phone as an appointment so you make it a priority.
9.) Workout while your watching tv. I am aware most people just want to plop in front of the couch after they get home from work but you could workout while watching tv or during commercial breaks.
10.) Join a challenge were you are rewarded for your efforts. My local bar method held a 30 day challenge this summer and the winner got a month free and the runners up were rewarded as well.

How do you make time for working out?

What are you being for Halloween?

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Marvelous Monday

by forloveofcarrots on October 27, 2014

Happy Monday, can you believe it is the last week of October!? I cannot, especially considering how beautiful the weather was this past weekend! How about some marvelous Monday to get this week started!

Marvelous is: being in Boston this past weekend. Jeff went to school right outside Boston and worked in Boston for a year after graduation so he loves it there. I love it there because it is so beautiful, so much calmer then NYC and so walkable.

Marvelous is: the weather this weekend, it was so nice outside Lindsay and I dined al fresco for brunch and couldn’t get over how warm it was for mid October. Oh and mimosas were involved!
al fresco


Marvelous is: shopping on Newbury St. Jeff’s friend Joe came with us so the boys went to a bar to watch soccer and Lindsay and I had a girls day. We found a great store called Bobbles and Lace and before walking in I said to Lindsay it was probably going to be a window shopping kind of store but it turns out we were wrong. Considering I scored a pair of grey booties for $36! I also walked away with a cocktail ring and knit headwrap. Lindsay and I were both on a mission to find fall jackets and each want to spend $50 or less and we both did just that when we hit the fall jacket jackpot at H&M. I got this jacket.

Marvelous is: going to City landing again, eating delicious food and I couldn’t not get a gf brownie sundae!

gf sundae

Marvelous is: Going out on the town after and dancing the night away!
me and lindsay

Marvelous is: lunch with my brother in Worcester. Once we woke up on Sunday we packed up and headed to Worcester to see my brothers apt and take him to lunch. We went to this cute little pizza place called Corner Grille, I have written about it before. Even though our time with my brother was short it was really nice to see him.
me and gordon

and now here we are back at Monday and I am already looking forward to Friday! Hope you have a great day!

How was your weekend?

Have you ever gone into a store thinking it would be expensive only to be surprised it isn’t?

Did you enjoy the nice weather this weekend?


Things I’m Loving Friday

October 24, 2014

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Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

October 22, 2014

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. When I first started dabbling in running I would run like once a year at our local Turkey Trot with my dad. At that point in time my life was all about swimming and I would just run the turkey trot to get […]

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Marvelous Monday

October 20, 2014

We had a great weekend away but if I am being honest I am feeling a little blah today. Tired and a little blah about all the unhealthy food and gluten I seemed to eat this weekend. So let’s start this day on a positive note! Marvelous is: a fun wedding at a cool venue. […]

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