Things I’m Loving Friday

by forloveofcarrots on July 25, 2014

After a few hours at the store today I am off to Boston for my bachelorette party! I am super excited for a weekend away and time with my girlfriends! I thought I would bring back things I am loving Friday since it’s been a while. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

My bridesmaids: for taking the time to plan this weekend, I know it will be a fun one!

My vitamix: I recently joined the cool club thanks to an early wedding gift! This thing is the best ever!

this hairstyle and Lauren Conrad, of course!: I wish I could do this to myself

Brady and his extreme laziness: he just couldn’t bare the thought of standing up to drink his water!

Trying a new workout class: on saturday morning me and Cait are taking a spin class at Velo-City. I haven’t taken a spin class in a while so I am sure to get my butt kicked!

Nightly walks: I used to take Brady on his daily walk as soon as I got home from work but Jeff and I have started taking Brady on his daily walks after dinner and its such a nice way to end the day rather then sitting in front of the tv.

Hint water fizz: I love hint waters because of their subtle taste of fruit. We recently got the sparkling one at the store and it is soo good! The watermelon is my favorite!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have you ever tried hint water?

Have you tried a new workout class lately?


The best resources for planning a wedding

by forloveofcarrots on July 23, 2014

Oh Hey! It certainly has been a while. The fact that I am getting married in 39 days (!!!) will be my excuse for lack of posting and will continue to be my excuse until after my honeymoon!

Since my brain is all things wedding right now I thought I would share all the resources that helped me while planning my wedding!

1.) Being/going to other people’s weddings. I learned so much from going to weddings and being in some of my friends weddings. Things like your moh gets you your champagne glasses for toasting (I have googled this and it doesn’t say specifically, but I kind of like the idea), you put your engagement ring on the opposite hand before you walk down the aisle, the seating chart is the hardest task. The best piece of advice I have heard and been given is that something will go wrong on the day of the wedding and that you just need to let it go, you are probably the only person who is going to notice it is missing or wrong.

2.) The Wedding Book:Jeff’s sister got me this book shortly after we got engaged and it was my bible for the first couple of months! I literally learned ALL the things. When you should do things by, how to walk in your wedding dress.

3.) Reading blogs: I read all the blogs, stalking (creepy, I know) people’s weddings helped me get an idea of things I liked and didn’t like.

4.) Pinterest: obviously, I mean I am pretty sure people who are already married create their wedding pin boards just in case their significant other wants to get married all over again.

5.) Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks: Both websites have great wedding inspiration and tips. I actually created our save the dates on Wedding Chicks thanks to their printable section.
front of save the date

6.) Etsy: I am not quite sure what un-artistically talented people did before etsy. I got so much on their bridal party gifts to wedding day decoartions.

7.) My venues website/facebook page: Fortunately my venue has a list of resources on their website. Since we don’t live in the town where we are getting married their list of caterers, djs, transportation and hotel helped make it easy for us to find companies that have been to our venue and know the lay of the land. I love that they post pictures of people’s weddings on their facebook page and include what vendors they used so that if we liked what we saw we could contact that vendor.

8.) The paper source: When it came to invitations I was kind of lost, I didn’t really have a vision as to how I wanted it to look. The paper source has soo many templates to chose from and when I went to they store they were beyond helpful!

Have you planned or helped plan a wedding?

What was the best resource you used?


Marvelous Monday Wedding Weekend

July 7, 2014

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! We certainly did! On Thursday morning we took off for Maryland. After very little traffic (seriously, we got so lucky!) we arrived in Maryland around 3:30. We checked in to the hotel and I went off to the rehearsal. It was raining pretty bad Thursday afternoon and […]

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Happy 4th!!

July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!! Happy Wedding Day Rachel!! Hop you have the best day ever!!

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15 things I wish I could tell my college self

July 3, 2014

While looking at ALL of my facebook pictures from college I started to compile a list of things I wish I had known then that I know now. 1.) sticking your tongue out in pictures is never a good look. 2.) your eyebrows senior yr look so much better then they did freshman yr. 3.) […]

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